An open and innovative culture is the key to our success

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Our organisation is made up of a large and diverse group, but despite this we have a strong common culture that unites us. All our teams from operations to the board room collaborate on projects, offer feedback, and learn from each other. We also encourage everyone to seek out opportunities to change direction and location as they grow with us.

Our Core Values


  • We believe that our people can achieve great things
  • We generously give responsibility, authority to act and provide opportunities
  • We value doing, and know that failing means learning
  • We work together, and grow as diverse perspectives meet
  • We listen closely to those nearest our customers 


  • We dare to innovate ourselves, our products and our industry
  • We use technology to fuel change
  • We don’t get scared by uncertainty or by making tough decisions
  • We drive towards ambitious goals with tomorrow in mind
  • We are natural born innovators


  • We are straight forward and tell it like it is
  • We are trustworthy, reliable and always keep our word
  • We strive to be responsible, in every situation
  • We value results, not titles or backgrounds
  • We provide a safe and respectful work environment