Positive Feedback for ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions at National Custody Seminar

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High Security & Safety Group exhibited its range of custodial security solutions at this year’s National Custody Seminar hosted by the Police Federation.

Held on 10th and 11th September, it was attended by custodial experts working across the industry. The event offers the chance to showcase the latest products and discuss key issues impacting the police custody environment.

At this year’s event The Design Guide for Police Custody Suites was launched, which High Security and Safety Group contributed toward. This document outlines best practice for the design of Police custody areas, including visual aids to help the industry gain a better understanding of the design considerations.

The Group exhibited its new observation cell door, which is also included in the Design Guide launched at the seminar, and features a sliding cover designed to improve visibility.

As well as exhibiting its relevant solutions and expertise in this market, the seminar offered a chance for the team to engage with specifiers and discuss how its solutions can improve the safety and security of custodial buildings.

Managing Director, Simon Teagle, said: “The response to the solutions we presented was overwhelmingly positive and some of the feedback we received will be valuable for future product development. Events like this are always insightful and an opportunity to have conversations with our current and potential customers.”


To find out more about the custodial solutions offered by High Security & Safety Group, please visit http://bit.ly/highsecurity-safety