Reduced packaging and pricing for top selling Door Closers from ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions

ASSA ABLOY Security Solutionshas reduced the packaging and price of its top selling DC200 and DC300 rack and pinion door closers, in two finish options.

After listening closely to customer feedback, ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions has created two new models; the DC200-2 and DC300-2, both with 60% less packaging and available in silver and stainless steel finishes.

Not only has the reduction in packaging reduced the environmental impact, it has also reduced the price to customers without ANY reduction in product specification and performance. Both models are also available in silver and stainless steel finishes, offering additional customer choice.

Compliant with the recently updated BS 8300 standards for low opening forces, CE Marked and Certifire approved, the DC200-2 and DC300-2 families are the class leading choice for size EN 2 to 6 applications (850mm to 1400mm).

David Hindle, Head of Door Closer Sales, said: “We knew we had best-in-class performance, but wanted to know how we could further improve our DC200 and DC300 door closer offering.

“By listening to customer feedback, we have dramatically reduced the packaging for these units, which also allowed us to reduce the price for our customers.

“We are always on the lookout for ways to improve our product and service offering and these steps have done exactly that. You spoke and we listened”

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