Door Group launches fire door safety whitepaper

Door Group has launched a thought-provoking whitepaper focusing on the critical subject of fire door safety.

The whitepaper covers key topics of fire door safety. These include the purpose and effectiveness of fire doors, fire door regulations, manufacturing and installation, and will be available to download from 

The Grenfell Tower incident last year raised many questions surrounding how we can prevent the spread of fires in commercial and social housing buildings.

Fire doors are one of the most important and effective elements of a building’s passive fire protection. Door Group wanted to discuss how mandatory inspection and maintenance of fire doors can only serve to protect a building and its occupants.

The whitepaper discusses in detail how installing correctly specified fire doors can significantly reduce the spread of fire within a building. It then provides practical information which covers current fire door guidance, standards and accreditation.

It also calls for the UK government to adopt and enforce a mandatory fire door inspection and maintenance scheme.

Brian Sofley, Managing Director at Door Group and author of the whitepaper, said: “Proper fire doors save lives, but only if they are correctly manufactured and installed. However, there is nothing in UK law or building regulations that states public buildings must maintain fire doors, even though they are a life-saving product.

“This whitepaper provides information and guidance about fire door safety as a whole, and I hope it will prove useful for those involved in the construction industry as well as those lobbying to change fire door regulations in the UK.”

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