DC700G-FT: The world's first security door closer.

The DC700G-FT CAM-Motion® is the first door closer with an integrated escape door locking system that is suitable for retrofitting fire doors.

Looking for a way to install an electric escape mechanism to a fire door without risking its certification? Take a look at the DC700G-FT.

Previously, fitting an electrical escape device to a fire door was a complex job. Hours spent finding a suitable product and a skilled installer, then the worry whether the fire door still met its rating. After all, just a hole drilled in the wrong place can put a fire door at risk of losing approval. 

The ASSA ABLOY DC700G-FT CAM-Motion® door closer makes the whole process  simple and painless. It's the world's first door closer with intergrated escape door locking solution that can be retrofitted to fire doors.

The DC700G-FT door closer, lock and wiring is surface mounted, removing any need to mortice or rebate the doorset. So you can retrofit your existing fire doors with an electrical locking mechanism and keep your current fire door approval.

The DC700G-FT is just one of many innovative products within ASSA ABLOY’s vast door closer range, showcasing our design ethos and world-class engineering expertise. We are proud to be the first to bring such a well thought through product to the marketplace.

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