Cliq™ Remote Proves its Worth With Social Housing Market

Since its introduction to the market, CLIQ™ Remote has revolutionised the way organisations implement key management systems. A key sector to benefit from the innovation has been social housing.

According to the Department for Communities and Local Government, housing associations and local authorities own five million homes in the UK. Around 610,000 of these homes are empty, accounting for more than 12 per cent of total stock. This has huge implications for councils, including loss of rental income, increased potential for crime and other security threats, not to mention missed opportunities for would-be tenants to take advantage of safe and secure housing.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) is just one of the authorities to benefit from CLIQ™ Remote. A wireless system, it gives key holders – regardless of location – remote access to a property. Each key can be programmed and updated individually. This means key holders have access only to the areas relevant to them and during their allocated time or dates.

Each relevant RMBC staff member carries their own programmable CLIQ® key. Using online management software, it is possible for the council to issue timed permissions to enter specific void properties at any one time, with the added benefit that these access rights can be amended or revoked instantly. This is particularly useful for the council when out-of-hours contractors are involved, as keys can be programmed to work for a limited time only.

Tom Bell, Interim Assistant Director for Housing at RMBC, said: “The new system and RMBC’s lean working practices have delivered essential cost efficiencies, to the sum of approximately £60,000 a year in terms of additional rent and council tax from tenants in properties that would have otherwise remained empty for longer periods of time.”

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