Ask our CLIQ™ expert

Customer: Is the common key being impacted by the digital age?

Simon Wilson:

As we move into a digital age, or what is commonly now becoming termed the age of the Millennial, we see electronics becoming more and more heavily involved with ordinary, everyday objects. There is nothing more ordinary than a key.

The invention of the key is over 4000 years old and there is a reason why we are still using it today; it works. Keys offer us a physical, visual security barrier, but can the digital age improve this very basic security measure?

Well, by incorporating the high security technology of CLIQ Remote we take the key into the digital era.

No matter what mechanical security system you opt to use in today’s security industry, there is very little chance that you can obtain total key control from the system. Therefore the control of keys can be a real headache for estates managers and security managers.

CLIQ Remote allows you to remove that headache by offering the ability to have total control of all the keys in your CLIQ Remote system and that is something that cannot be taken for granted when you are responsible for the control and movement of keys.

CLIQ Remote in essence can suddenly become the last master key system you need to install as you would never have the inconvenience of a lost, stolen, or illegally duplicated key ever again.

So in answer to your question “Is the common key being impacted by the digital age?” Yes, the digital age is improving the common key.