Access Control

Access control is the secure management of people as they move through a building or site. An access control system ensures only the right people are able to enter approved areas at the right times.

Unlike standard mechanical keys, access control is flexible and dynamic. It enables security staff to authorize or revoke users’ site permissions whenever they need — like automated traffic lights that you control.

Access control solutions can include electronic door locks for exterior and interior use; access readers for lifts or car parks; and wireless electronic locks on cabinets or cupboards. Building or site users can open doors and other locks with a smart access card, a programmable electronic key, a pin code or a mobile app — or even a choice of all four.

Any organization with areas or assets which should not be accessible to everyone, or a need to audit who goes where and when, will benefit from installing an access control system.

Which wireless door access system best suits your workplace? Read on to learn more about access control and our user-friendly, powerful solutions.

SMARTair® - the access control system offering multiple credentials

CLIQ® - the mechatronic access control system using key credentials

Aperio® - wireless locks to upgrade a new existing access control system

RX Web - Plug and Play Access Control Solution

Code Handle® - Protect your private doors in public spaces with a PIN handle

Traka21 - No ordinary key management system