Our facilities


We are pleased to offer a comprehensive manifest of resources and testing equipment - aswell as the option to specify bespoke testing/endurance tests which we will engineer in house.

This facility has proven invaluable for designers and manufacturers alike - and enables testing criteria to be fulfilled, from our independent laboratory, for any accreditation that is required by the market sector.

Testing includes:

Security testing

  • Drill resistance
  • Saw attack
  • Chisel attack
  • Twist resistance
  • Impact testing - hard and soft body
  • Manipulation


  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Operating forces

Corrosion resistance

  • Neutral salt spray
  • Condensing humidity

Temperature extremes

  • Operation at +180oC to -70oC
  • Low temperature embrittlement


  • Air permeability
  • Rain
  • Wind loads