National Infrastructure


High Security & Safety Group offers an extensive range of combination locks to meet your high security needs.

This includes our LARK range of safe locks and cash in transit locks that can be fully integrated within your overall security system.

Our range of electronic combination locks are easy to use, secure and economical. Some of the key types include:

  • Time lock: Pre-programmable open/closing times, holidays and summer/winter time, together with short close and early locking functions.
  • Time delay locks: Adjustable time delay between entering of the access code and opening of the lock.
  • Cash In Transit locks: Custom solutions manufactured specifically for cash in transit applications.
  • Duress alarm locks: In the event of a hold up, these have the ability to send a silent alarm to the police or security, undetected to the aggressor.
  • Audit trail locks: Detailed record of lock history maintained, which is encrypted and can be accessed by authorised personnel only.

In addition to our range of high security locks, HSS also supplies a range of additional security products, including:

  • Safes: Both new and used safes can be refurbished and/or supplied, including warranty and installation.
  • Other security products
    • Key boxes
    • Coin counters
    • Coin weighing scales
    • Duress alarm panels
    • Mechanical safe locks