Touching doors safely

In high traffic areas it may be more practical to change the door hardware used. These can be products which avoid the use of hands, or products which have anti-microbial surfaces.

By installing specially designed low-touch door hardware such as push/pull hardware allows doors to be opened with a nudge of the hip, a pull of the arm or foot, reducing the level of contact a person has with the door.

Installing handles treated with anti-microbial treatment or using materials such as copper with its anti-microbial properties, effectively reduces the risk of transmission.

These door hardware solutions coupled with proper hardware cleaning techniques improve facility safety, by mitigating the spread of germs through high frequency touch points within a building. 

We offer three different solutions to make doors safer to touch:

1. Low touch furniture

Rockwood arm and foot pulls offer an easy and cost effective method of opening doors, without grasping hardware by the hand, therefore minimising contact with the door.  

  • Ideal for entrances, corridors and restrooms
  • Range includes a foot pull and four arm pull variations, which can open doors with a wrist or forearm   





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ASSA hygiene handle ergonomically designed and allows opening using the lower arm, minimizing hand contact. The handle’s design is easy to wipe off and disinfect.






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2. Hygienic/anti-microbial furniture

UNION facility furniture has a touch clean, anti-bacterial coating to reduce the spread of bacteria. Suitable for toilet and bathroom doors where ease of operation and cleanliness is a must.

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3. Anti-viral furniture tape

UNION GripSafe anti-viral copper door handle tape, proven to inactivate 99.98% of corona viruses reducing the transmission of bacteria.

  • Can be applied easily to existing furniture
  • Installed in minutes
  • Cost effective     




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