Hold doors open safely

Doors don’t need to be kept closed at all times, except in the case of an emergency.

We offer three types of hold-open door controls that reduce door contact, whilst meeting all fire and safety regulations: 

1. Hold open device

UNION DoorSense is the safe and legal way to hold open fire doors, enabling traffic to pass through without touching doors.

  • Cost effective solutions to hold doors open in low to medium traffic corridors
  • Foot operated for minimum contact with the device
  • Easy to install with no wiring and fire compliant

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2. Hold open door controls

The DC300G-HF hold’s doors open in medium to high traffic corridors allowing people pass through, without touching doors.

  • Uniquely offers variable power (EN 3-6) retaining low opening forces
  • Full, unrivalled certification in all modes and configurations
  • Easy to install and retro-fits existing ASSA ABLOY door closers

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The Exidor 9870 series is purposely designed for doors in care home corridors that are mainly held open, reducing contact with the door:

  • Fixed power size 4
  • Fully certified
  • Easy to install




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3. Door automatic operators

DA4400F door automatic operator allow hands free access through main doors in high traffic, entrance areas

  • Suitable for large single or double leaf entrance doors
  • Can be integrated with access control and building management systems
  • Fully certified

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