Social housing - Void properties

Taking control of void Social Housing property access offers the landlord many benefits. By ensuring that contractors have the correct access to properties at correct times, costly and wasted site visits are eliminated.

Loss reduction is also achieved by being able to lock properties down during non-working hours. With ASSA CLIQ® Remote’s full audit trail facility proof of access is assured, providing a major deterrent against theft.

As a result, the major task of managing void property keys is greatly simplified by increasing accountability as well as reducing losses.

ASSA CLIQ® Remote has revolutionised the management of void properties, which was recognised by winning ‘Most Innovative New Product’ at the 2017 Housing Innovation Awards.

The system allowed the Void Properties department at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council to save staff approximately 40 hours of time each week, while delivering an additional £60,000 a year in revenue.

The following case studies show how Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council has benefitted from installing ASSA CLIQ® Remote.