ASSA CLIQ® Remote – Access at a distance

ASSA's award winning CLIQ® Remote is a security locking system, combining the latest mechanical platform with an advanced electronic function.

It provides all of the benefits of access control, combined with all of the benefits and security of a physical key system – offering a flexible modern way of managing access to a door.

The system allows organisations to grant key holders, regardless of location, remote access to properties or facilities, which saves time and money administering key control.

ASSA CLIQ® Remote was voted 'Most Innovative New Product' at the 2017 Housing Innovation Awards. It allowed the Void Properties department at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council to save staff approximately 40 hours of time each week, while delivering an additional £60,000 a year in revenue.

Reasons to choose ASSA CLIQ® Remote:

  1. Access at a distance with complete control
  2. Electro and mechanical combination gives the ultimate level of security
  3. Audit trails allowing total visibility
  4. Remote updates keep control at the highest level
  5. Easy installation, low maintenance costs and a future proof system.