CLIQ® Go – Access Control at your fingertips

CLIQ® Go moves security and access control to a new dimension for both resellers and users. A system of software and electronic hardware based on the eCLIQ platform, it allows total key control through App enabled technology.

CLIQ Go® for Resellers

CLIQ® Go is the future proof way for locksmiths and security professionals to support your small to medium sized customers businesses. Here’s what CLIQ® Go can do for you: 

  • Just one key profile, so you can keep them in stock for delivery
  • Installation is easy, no doors to wire
  • Configure and programme cylinders and keys, with the CLIQ® Express software
  • The CLIQ® Go App facilitates managing systems anytime, anywhere

Upgrade to CLIQ® Go now – Deliver an electronic locking system to your customers, directly from stock.

CLIQ Go® for End Users

CLIQ® Go puts end users in control. The whole system is administered in a cloud, using the new, user-friendly CLIQ® Go smartphone App. Here’s what CLIQ® Go can do for you:

  • Manage access and security rights at your fingertips through the CLIQ® Go App, saving you time
  • Keeps your business secure by minimising the risk of lost keys
  • Access rights can be changed quickly and easily, with minimal distribution
  • Installation is easy with minimal disruption to you day to day business
  • Future proof system that can grow with your business
  • Support available from your local CLIQ® Go reseller

Upgrade to CLIQ® Go now – Keep your business secure and accessible, on the go.