CLIQ® - the mechatronic access control system using key credentials

Keys or access control - why not both?

The CLIQ® mechatronic locking system combines patented, high-end mechanical and electronic protection. It is based on programmable physical keys; a range of wireless locks and padlocks, suited to even the toughest climates; and powerful, user-friendly admin software.

A CLIQ® system improves site and building security with flexible access rights and key management — and is easy to administer anytime and from anywhere. 

A range of key-operated mechanical cylinders and padlocks maximise physical security and attack resistance. CLIQ® technology then layers encrypted, user-friendly electronic security on top.

It brings control and convenience without the need for wires: all CLIQ® locking devices are wire-free.

CLIQ® technology offers multiple levels of access control. Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, CLIQ® Go gives you access control at your fingertips, being a locking system built on the CLIQ® technology. It is a system that’s efficient and easy to use for the manager on the move. The CLIQ® Go app enables easy and comprehensive control over building security from your mobile device or tablet, while the battery powered key allows for reduced maintenance and high security.

CLIQ® Remote combines the advantages of access control and mechanical key systems, making it ideal for geographically spread businesses.

Its wireless functionality allows you to give key holders – regardless of location – remote access to a building. The system is managed using the online CLIQ® Remote Web Manager software. This intuitive tool makes it simple to manage access rights, enable or disable keys and customize access schedules, either on site or on the go, being the perfect solution for businesses with remote sites or workers.

CLIQ® Connect gives you access control management for the mobile world. The CLIQ® Connect system links a programmable CLIQ® key to your smartphone, so you can update access rights anytime, anywhere, without a separate programming device. The solution gives you increased flexibility due to key holders being independent from administrators, while also offering the possibility of extra security via the PIN validation function.

If you need a flexible and secure access control for your business, look no further. eCLIQ is a completely electronic locking system designed to deliver maximum flexibility and enhanced security. eCLIQ solves your lost keys problems, while providing easy installation thanks to no drilling and also total audit trails to see who accessed when and which lock. The eCLIQ system is generally suitable for the design of locking systems for all types of properties, whilst providing  a cost-effective and easy way to assign new access rights, no matter how many times your needs change.

More technical product information is available in the CLIQ product catalogue

Discover the benefits of a CLIQ® access control system

Boost security with flexible access

Locking cylinders can be individually programmed with time-limited access, using programming devices or keys. Permanent or temporary rights for contractors are assigned quickly and easily. Flexible management is enhanced via audit trails and automated reports. CLIQ® keys are compact and battery-powered, with LED and acoustic functionality plus optional Bluetooth.

Minimise risks associated with stolen keys

Lost keys are easy to revoke electronically. These keys can be programmed with flexible access rights and schedules. Revalidation provides another layer of security.

See who went where, and when

Instant, on-demand audit trails show you where staff, contractors or visitors have been on your business premises. The CLIQ® ecosystem contains multiple intuitive administration options, with desktop software, a web manager and user-friendly mobile apps.

Carry one key to open everything

Using a different key for every lock becomes a thing of the past. One programmable key opens not just multiple doors, but also other access points including cabinets, rooftops, gates, vaults, windows and more. All the while being secure in the locking that CLIQ® provides.

Become cost- and time-effective

CLIQ® saves money for your business. No cables are required to install a CLIQ® cylinder. The standard battery inside every programmable CLIQ® key has a typical life of approx. 30,000 cycles (or 3 years). Key battery replacement is fast and easy — no tools needed. 

Protect your premises with a proven technology

A CLIQ® system is suitable for all types of property and business size. It is a reliable solution widely adopted in critical infrastructure protection. Utilities and factories; museums and galleries; public buildings, universities and healthcare facilities all over Europe trust CLIQ®.

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