Aperio® - wireless locks to upgrade an existing access control system

Cost effective, integrated access control - without wires

Access control providers around the globe can cost-effectively integrate non-wired doors with mechanical locks into their access control systems using ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio® Technology.

Installing traditional access control doors is very expensive due to the extensive wiring required, which is why access control systems often only cover doors with very high security requirements – leaving all other doors with mechanical locks unmonitored and unmanaged. Losing a master key to these doors is also a majority security risk.

With Aperio® technology all doors can easily be upgraded and wirelessly linked to the access control system by using Aperio® battery powered electronic locking devices with integrated RFID card readers – optimising access control and boosting security.  

Security and Facility Managers can monitor and manage premises at any time, day or night using a single security system, and easily respond to organisational changes, while users only require a single RFID access control credential. The technology also offers online and offline integration to cover all security requirements. Aperio® supports high frequency RFID technologies iCLASS, MIFARE and DESFire.

Discover the benefits of Aperio® access control technology

Trusted by 100+ leading providers

Developed around an open standard, Aperio® is manufacturer-independent – over 100 access control providers worldwide offer wireless door upgrades with Aperio®.

Online and offline integration

Aperio® offers both online and offline integration depending on customer needs. On and offline can be mixed to optimise adaptation to the site.

Scalable solutions to meet every need

Aperio® wireless locks are a flexible solution for all doors and multiple sites. They allow you to upgrade and convert more mechanical doors to access control in the future in a very easy and cost effective way – and without the hassle of wiring.

Forget about keys

Simply add Aperio® battery-powered locks with integrated card readers to any door to link it wirelessly to the central access control system. Upgraded doors can be used with existing cards or a single digital credential, and it takes only a few seconds to issue or revoke cards, from a PC or smartphone. Reprogramme an RFID card and you have a new key—instantly.

Easy installation

Aperio® wireless access control takes the stress out of upgrading access control - beating wired systems hands-down when it comes to speed of installation. No wiring and no cabling means there’s no expensive electrical work required on-site—and no need for decorators to tidy up after the contractors.

Solution for every customer need

Our trusted technology caters for a wide range of business sectors around the world where security is key and has been successfully employed everywhere from office buildings and universities to hospitals and science facilities.

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