Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council - ASSA CLIQ® Remote


ASSA CLIQ® Remote cuts costs and time spent protecting vacant properties

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) is the local government authority for Rotherham, England. RMBC identified key handover as a major bottleneck in their property work flow.

Inevitably, properties stand vacant between tenancies, while different staff carry out work and checks on the property.

At this time, keys must pass securely between staff from multiple departments as well as contractors.

By eliminating altogether  the need for physical key handover, CLIQ® Remote technology instantly removed work flow delays.

With no wiring needed, CLIQ® Remote cylinders are quick to install. The user brings power to the door, because secure lock microelectronics are powered by a standard lithium battery inside every programmable CLIQ®  Remote key.

Now, relevant staff  members carry their own programmable key.