Loughborough University plant rooms - ASSA CLIQ® Remote


With more than 18,000 students at Loughborough University, the site requires an access control solution that could deliver unrivalled security and protection.

The award-winning ASSA CLIQ® Remote technology has already been used across the site for a range of different applications, including teaching laboratories and offices, but Loughborough University needed an access control system that could be installed to its plant control rooms too.

Providing an easy-to-use electromechanical locking system, the ASSA CLIQ® Remote solution uses high-end micro-electronics and programmable keys and cylinders to offer flexible control over access rights.

Loughborough University can programme and update each key remotely, removing or granting access privileges for the key holder in real time.

This allows only those with the necessary authority at the university to enter a plant control room. Furthermore, the system removes the security risks associated with lost or stolen keys, eliminating the time and cost spent on replacing a mechanical lock.