Dundee and Angus College - ASSA Triton²

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Dundee and Angus (D&A) College delivers over 700 courses to around 16,000 students across three campuses, with two main sites in Dundee and one in Arbroath. It therefore required a robust master key cylinder system that could securely manage the high traffic using its facilities, while also satisfying the college’s key control needs.

The college’s previous master key system posed a risk because of the short-term patent protection that it offered. In addition, the college was seeking a better means of accounting for all the master keys it has in circulation.

D&A College has invested in the new ASSA Triton² master key cylinder system – contributing towards the college’s sustainability ambitions – and Traka21 key management cabinet. ASSA Triton² delivers long-lasting protection, guarding against unauthorised key duplication until 2036.

A high-end master key solution, ASSA Triton²is ideally suited to environments that require large and complex suites, such as D&A College. Offered with a comprehensive range of cylinders, the system’s unrivalled master keying capability means it can meet the security demands and complexity of the busy college with ease.