Edinburgh University - Door Closers

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Established in 1583 and with a student population of over 35,000, the University of Edinburgh seeked a reliable door closer solutions provider to help keep its students, staff and contract workers safe and secure.

Door Hardware Group has supplied more than 500 of its DC500A CAM-Motion® door closers and over 60 of its G460 slide rails during the last 18 months, installed in both new buildings and retrofitted throughout the university’s public, commercial and residential sites.

Either with or without the G460 slide rails, the DC500A provides an effective and cost-efficient solution. It ensures universities are compliant with BS8300 standards by offering extremely low opening forces while still delivering sufficient closing forces to satisfy fire legislation, due to its unique CAM profile design and build quality.

Cameron Duncanson, Maintenance Services Co-ordinator at the University of Edinburgh, explains: “We have been continually impressed with the high quality of the company’s DC500 door closer range, particularly in our student accommodation, meeting BS EN 1154 requirements for controlled door closing devices.

“From my experience, we know with confidence that installing a door closer from Door Hardware Group means that it will tick the box in terms of quality, reliability and performance."