Scunthorpe Container Storage - eCLIQ GO

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With traditional locking solutions, clients of storage service providers who lose their keys must go to the trouble of changing the locks. Scunthorpe Container Storage wanted to overcome this timeless problem and provide its clients with a convenient, modern service that removed the risks of lost keys.

The company opted for the new eCLIQ Go system after it was highly impressed by the solution’s ease-of-use and the ability for users to manage security and access from anywhere in the world, via mobile phone, tablet,or PC.

“Since its installation, our eCLIQ Go system has been fantastic. It’s easy to use and takes away the worry about lost keys getting nto the wrong hands – which in our industry is absolutely vital!”

“Our clients have been 100 per cent happy with it so far, and you can’t ask for more than that. We therefore wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the eCLIQ Go to any storage business, or business of any kind, that’s interested in stepping into the future of security.”