Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Plexal - Aperio®

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Aperio® delivers assured access control to new £15m Innovation Hub

Based at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Plexal is a new £15 million project, acting as a base for an ‘innovation community’ that brings together startups, enterprises and academics all under one roof. Plexal sits within the larger Here East complex, which is transforming the former press and broadcast centres for the London 2012 Olympics Games into new spaces for technology companies, universities, startups and creatives.

The innovation hub has been fitted with Aperio® wireless, access card-based locking technology, which is fully integrated with DoorFlow, an online platform for managing and auditing building access created by NetNodes. In total, 59 Aperio® L100 wireless high-security door locks were installed across the site, and a further  31 HiD R10 mobile access locks were also provided where wired solutions were necessary, such as for the main office entrances, and for elevators.

Aperio® is an effective, straightforward alternative to a wired, high-end solution, providing Plexal with the highest levels of physical protection, and transmitting comprehensive information on door status to DoorFlow in real time.