1130 - ASSA push bar for use with Connect locks

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The 1130 ASSA push bar is ideal for use in public buildings when fitted with 767 Connect lockcase. Designed for use on outward opening single or double doors, the hardware is CE Marked to EN 1125.


  • The push bar uses a rotational motion to withdraw bolts when pushed towards the door face
  • Escape from inside is always possible even if external cylinder has been locked off
  • Required to cover 60% minimum of door face, the push bar makes it easy for users to escape the building even without prior knowledge of the building layout and hardware
  • Supplied with a 1150mm long push bar, the unit can be cut down on site to fit narrow doors reducing stock holding needs
  • The non-handed design increases the flexibility of a unit SKU
  • The end units which hold the push bar project less than 100mm from door face giving a slim line appearance to finished door
  • Tested on doors up to 200kg and up to 1300mm wide
  • The end unit covers and push bar are made from stainless steel for a strong and aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Approved for use on fire doors up to FD60
  • Designed for use with Connect 767 lockcases, the PED can incorporate existing or new ASSA masterkeyed Scandinavian cylinders
  • 767 Connect lockcase has 2 latch bolts and deadlocking snib where re-entry is possible via cylinder or external lever handle


The end unit covers and push bar are all made from satin stainless steel


1130 ASSA push bar for Connect lockcases is CE Marked to EN 1125 with the following classification


The Push bar is approved for fire doors up to FD60

Ordering Options
ASSA 1130 panic push bar for Connect active leaf S/S
ASSA Connect 767/50 RH SS for use with ASSA 1125 or 1130
ASSA Connect 767/50 LH SS for use with ASSA 1125 or 1130