2000 three point special sash lock - 2000 three point special sash lock


Suitable where free passage is required at certain times, but security is needed the rest of the time. Minimises the hardware visible on the surface of the door. Ideal for both commercial and domestic applications.

Multipoint mortice locks with spring latchbolt, deadbolt and two hookbolts.

Supplied with receivers for top and bottom hookbolts. Cylinder, cylinder accessories 256/18256, unsprung or double sprung lever handles and security strike for centre deadbolt supplied separately. 2000 also requires backplates and thumbturn.

Standard finish yellow chromate. When ordering please specify hand.


Central deadbolt has 20mm bolt throw hookbolts have 25mm throw. Bolts are hardened steel.

A thumbturn can be used to lock and unlock the door when the area is occupied, without a key being required. Deactivating the thumbturn when the building is left empty means that only authorised keyholders can then unlock the door.

Latchbolt is operated by depressing the lever handles. Raising the handles throws the two hookbolts operating the key or thumbturn deadlocks these into position and throws a central deadbolt. The thumbturn can be deactivated by a faceplate snib, so the door can only be unlocked by key.

Available with 50mm backset.


Key operates deadbolt and hookbolts. Lever handle retracts latchbolt. Unlocking with key re-activates thumbturn.

Turn only operates deadbolt if faceplate snib is not activated. Lever handle retracts latchbolt. Raising lever throws hookbolts.Key deadlocks hookbolts and operates central deadbolt.





4256 accessory plate and 4356 accessory plate with thumbturn, supplied separately.