500/4 - 500/4 double nightlatch with snib lock-back


Upright mortice locking latch with cylinder outside and blind rose inside. Upper bolt deadlocks automatically when door is closed. Snib for locking bolt into lockcase. Internal handle gives exit at all times. Available with either 50mm or 70mm backset.



Upper latchbolt automatically deadlocked. Key retracts both latchbolts. Lever handle retracts lower latchbolt.


Lever handle retracts both latchbolts.

Upper latchbolt held back by snib in faceplate.




Product has been successfully type-tested for conformity to BS EN 12209.
Regular audit testing is undertaken.



Split follower locks
Split follower locks provide different functions on the inside and outside, and the internal handle follower mechanism is not reversible. Therefore when specifying these locks both the door handing AND whether the door opens inwards or outwards MUST be stated.

Special split spindles must be used where lever handles are fitted to ASSA Split Follower Locks. ASSA lever handles are recommended. If other lever handles are used, contact us for advice.

Please note that the exact type of spindle to specify varies depending on the lever handle range to be used. See Door Furniture section for details.