710 - 710 emergency sash lock


Steel hookbolt thrown 23.5mm by 90° turn of key or thumbturn.

Latchbolt reversible without opening lockcase. Emergency handle on inside withdraws hookbolt to permit escape hookbolt remains retracted until re-locked by key.

Optional microswitch ME monitors bolt deadlocking and use of emergency accessory.

Available with 35mm, 50mm or 70mm backset.



Key operates hookbolt.

Lever handle retracts latchbolt.

Key operates hookbolt. Lever handle retracts latchbolt. Escape handle retracts both bolts.



Product has been successfully type-tested for conformity to BS EN 179 when used with the emergency accessories shown. Regular audit testing is undertaken.
Product also complies with BS EN 12209. Classification 3 X 9 1 0 F 3 B B 3 0


Emergency accessory sets feature backplates and lever handle. The handle can be secured by a breakable green plastic chain, which gives a clear visual indication when the door has been opened.
179A: With handle and cylinder holes: for use with 710 sash lock (50 or 70mm backset only). Tested and approved to BS EN 179.
S4 179A: As 179A for 35mm backset locks.
May also be supplied in pairs for emergency access from both sides of the door. Use reference 179A Double.
When ordering please specify handing.