3937 - Cylinder with Oval Turn


For use with locks accepting Oval profile cylinders.


Fitting of Cylinder

Cylinders are supplied with fixing screw.

Standard lengths are 61mm and 71mm.

Cylinders are only available up to +10+10 in size (80mm Overall).

Decorative and security accessories are available: see Door Furniture section


Cylinder Features:


  • Drill Protection as Standard - 5 minutes drilling resistance
  • Enhanced plug pulling resistance
  • Paracentric key way for resistance to picking and manipulation of system pins
  • Bumping resistance

Optional functions

A1 - Classroom function, clockwise rotation

B1 - Classroom function, anti-clockwise rotation

C1 - Clutch release function



Available in satin chrome finish


Cylinders for Locks

Tested in accordance with BS EN 1303:2015



*when used with appropriate security escutcheon

Fire Rated

Tested in accordance with BS EN 1634-1:2000

Product range is suitable for use on fire resistant and smoke control doors.