3248-05 hinge - 3248-05 hinge


Hinges for heavy duty applications.

Journal-supported lift-off hinges.

Right and left handed.

Supplied with 1¼" x 10g fully threaded countersunk wood screws.

For hinge selection and finishes see Hinges information appendix.

Manufactured from Grade CS4 rolled steel.



Allows symmetrical routing. Supplied with 8 wood screws. Integral 10mm diameter security dog bolt.

(Dimension drawing shows RH hinge.)


Product has been successfully type-tested for conformity to BS EN 1935.
Regular audit testing is undertaken.


Tested and approved to BS EN 1935 Grade 13 (Severe Duty). Maximum adjusted door weight: 120kg.

Minimum door thickness 36mm.

Approved for use on fire doors.

*For corrosion resistance see appendix.