L8730 / L8731 - High Security Panic Escape Claw Lock


 The Kaye High Security (Claw) Gate Lock is a heavy duty, weather resistant lock fitted with a push-pad operation. The lock, which throws the bolt and automatically deadlocks on closure, is suitable for external perimeter gates and high security applications.

It has a robust and solid construction designed to resist moisture. The lock is supplied with a 10mm or 20mm solid steel back-plate which is drilled and tapped ready to accept the lock fixing screws.

The emergency push pad is protected by a purpose-built metal shroud as an obstacle to mitigate manipulation from the outside. The product has undergone an extensive text program inside of the door for exit purposes.



  • Push-pad (shielded) action to withdraw bolt
  • Close gate to automatically deadlock
  • Powerful claw engages with strike on locking
  • Adjustable striking plate
  • High visibility LED indicators
    • Status Red - unsecured: gate open / bolt not thrown
    • Status White - secured / bolt thrown
  • Optional 'lock down' facility
  • 'Lock down' status signal
  • Easy to install and maintain


  •  Key Position Monitoring
  • Service and Support on Installation and Maintenance



  • Independently attack audited
  • 100,000 function slams in accordance with EN12209:2003
  • 10,000 isolation key cycles in accordance with EN12209:2003
  • Various other EN12209:2003 tests carried out - details available on request