L8715 / L8717 - High Security Slide Bar Lock


 The Kaye High Security Slide Bar Gate Lock is a heavy duty, weather resistant lock fitted with a slide bar operation that automatically deadlocks on closure. 

It was developed to secure perimeter fencing at high security installations which need to restrict and control access such as chemical and power plants, gas terminals and oil refineries. The Kaye slide Bar Gate lock is fitted in a 6mm thick steel casing suitable for a variety of gate standards.

Subjected to an extensive test program, including 100,000 key and electronic operations, the lock is easily interfaced with existing access control systems for remote operation and includes a five-second automatic reset as standard.



  • Slide for automatic 'lock down' on closure
  • Robust solid steel bar with padlock slot
  • Handle shears under undue force
  • Free issue anti-drill cylinder profile options
  • 'Lock down' status signal
  • 'Last person' out alert
  • Local plug connection interface
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Mechanical option available
  • Lock available direct from Pickersgill-Kaye
  • Cassette, handles and housing available from Crime and Fire Defence Ltd
  • Key Position Monitoring
  • Service and Support on Installation and Maintenance



  •  Independently attack audited
  • 100,000 operations by key in accordance with EN12209:2003
  • 100,000 operations by electronic activation in accordance with EN12209:2003
  • 96 hour salt spray corrosion test at 100% humidity