Kaye - Dual Solenoid Surface Mount High Security Multipoint Locking System



The Dual Solenoid High security locking system has an access control module with full monitoring of bolts thrown and deadlock in place. Lever handles are on both sides and an optional external key facility to unlock the system when no power is available. Internal push pad or panic bar can be applied as an option but will not comply to BS EN Standards.


A second solenoid locking device is a fail-safe to over-lock the unit in a similar operation to the mechanical over-lock and holdback functions. Entry and exit are via access control signal which cuts power to the over-lock solenoid and powers up the solenoid to allow withdrawal of bolts. On closing the bolts auto throw to lock the system.

If the access control systems power fails entry can be gained by a key and handle from outside. On closing the door, the system auto-locks to provide security from outside. From inside the system becomes an escape system allowing the handle to withdraw the bolts and exit to take place.




  • Available as a single, 2, 3, 4, 5 point locking
  • Automatic deadlocking function
  • 25mm bolt engagement, bolts automatically
  • Anti-thrust device to prevent any of the bolts from being forced back allowing unauthorised access
  • Access control locking
  • Suitable for timber and steel doors
  • Low current consumption (access control version only)
  • Aesthetic Rod Covers


  • Mechanical Over-lock to secure the system out of hours, this would require a Key/Thumbturn operation to engage
  • Bolt lock-back to provide a free swinging door
  • Service and Support on Installation and Maintenance 


  • CE Marked
  • British Government Tested
  • Fire tested to BS EN 1634-1
  • Independently cycle tested to in excess of 1,000,000 cycles