ARK55 - Adjustable Removable Keep



To be used in conjunction with slam action 4L type locking products to secure cell doors in the locked position whilst providing a means of quick release in the event of an emergency.

Product Codes

ARK55/001/01/W - Adjustable Removable Keep


The ARK55 is an adjustable and removable lock keep that can be used to set the door leaf to rebate gap to a minimum in order to prevent the creation of ligature points around the door leaf.

The ARK55 also features a rebated adjustable plate designed to prevent the door from bouncing back when it has been slammed closed with reasonable force.

Note: Tests conducted with the UK Home Office have determined that the maximum reasonable force is 2 metres per second closing speed.

Standard Features

  • Adjustable keep plate to minimise door/rebate gaps
  • Removable in an emergency
  • Anti bounce rebated keep plate
  • Rubber stops to prevent main bolt damage if extended during closing operation
  • Can be retrofitted to existing frames
  • Dual handed

Additional Items

  • Spacer plates when extra clearance is required to maintain alignment with the lock
  • Spacer block for locks mounted on the door leaf outer skin




Materials and Finishes

  • Main body - mild steel powder coated
  • Adjustable plate - mild steel zinc plated and passivated