9F001 - Police Lambeth Cell Bench


A Chubb Locks Custodial Services Ltd Home Office specification cell bench for police cells constructed from a supporting steel underframe with perforated stainless steel front panel and Corian solid surface & plywood seat. Conforms to the Police Buildings Custody Design Guide and National Police Estates Group Best Practice Document.


Specifications, Performance Data & Tolerances

  • Conforms to the Police Buildings Custody Design Guide
  • Conforms to the National Police Estates Group Best Practice Document

Supporting Underframe

  • 40x40x3mm & 60x40x3mm Internal Rolled Hollow Section Skeleton Framework to BS EN 10025:2004
  • All Steelwork Shot Blasted to BS EN ISO 11124-4:1997
  • 40x40x6mm Flat Steel Floor Fixing Plates to BS EN 10025:2004
  • Steel Fabrication to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000
  • Welding to BS EN 1011-2: 2001
  • Frame Fixings Hilti HSL-TZ M8/20 Sleeve Anchors 8no. minimum per frame

Front Panel

  • 2mm thick Stainless Steel Grade 304 to BS EN 10088
  • 2.0mm diameter MAX Perforations at 4mm Staggered Pitch
  • 180 Grit Dull Polish RA 1.0 - 1.7 EN 1J or 2J

Bench Seat

  • Double Layers of 25mm thick Water Boiling Proof Grade Birch Plywood
  • 13mm thick Corian Solid Surface Fire Retardant Class A0 Glacier White
  • Corian Pressure Bonded to Plywood using 3M Fastbond 40 Neoprene Adhesive with the Approved Home Office Bonding Method
  • Home Office Specification Laminated Nosing Detail
  • Pelleted Corian Seat Fixings using 'Bone' Coloured Adhesive for Identification

Standard Dimension

  • 640mm Wide x 243mm High x Any Length Typically 2400 - 2700mm



  • Supporting Underframe Powder Coat Epoxy Primer to BS EN 12206-1:2004