9D020 - Armaglaze Double Action Door


A Chubb Locks Custodial Services Ltd solid timber double action door & frame faced both sides in coloured textured Armaglaze typically used in corridor locations within Metropolitan Police custody. The door incorporates a Type 2 Chubb 3G112 lock, heavy duty roller catch, polycarbonate vision panel and self-closing floor spring. Conforms to the Metropolitan Police standard specifications.


Specifications, Performance Data & Tolerances

  • Conforms to The Metropolitan Police Standard Specification
  • Door Not Handed

Door Frame

  • Monolithic Ash Hardwood Frame 3 Sides140x50mm
  • European Ash Hardwood Kiln Dried Moisture Content 10 -14% Density 710kg/m3
  • Mortice & Tenon Joints
  • Hardwood Finish Sanded 240 Grit
  • Steel Threshold Plate
  • Counterbored & Pelleted Frame Fixings
  • Frame Fixings 12mm dia x 100mm Sleeve Anchors 8no. minimum per frame
  • Double Action Floor Spring

Door Leaf

  • 49/50mm thick Solid Timber Core Malaysian Hardwood Lamels 20-30mm x 200mm finger Jointed Average Density 750kg/m3
  • 5mm thick Coloured Armaglaze Textured Facing Heat Pressure Bonded to Both Sides 45C @2500lbs/in2 for 6mins
  • 25mm Hardwood Ash Lipping Bonded & Screwed All 4 Edges Minimum Density 710kg/m3 10 -14%MC
  • Hardwood Finish Sanded 240 Grit
  • Type 2 Chubb 3G112 Heavy Duty Mortice Lock Operable Both Sides
  • Heavy Duty Roller Catch
  • Stainless Steel Push Plates Both Sides
  • 6mm thick Polycarbonate Vison Panel 215mm x 250mm
  • Double Action Floor Spring Pivots

Standard Dimensions

  • Structural Opening 1200mm Wide x 2110mm High
  • Overall Door Frame 1190mm Wide x 2104mm High (Height From Finished Floor Level as Threshold Cast into Floor)
  • Door Leaf 1092mm Wide x 2040mm High Excluding Hinge(s) x 60mm Thick
  • Frame Clearance 5mm Jambs, 6mm Head
  • Door Leaf Clearance 4mm Leading Edge, +6mm hinge, 4mm head, 10mm undercut



  • Colour Impregnated Armaglaze Textured Facings
  • Hardwood Lacquer Two Pack Semi-Matt 20% Sheen