4L80 - Cell Door Food Hatch Lock



To provide a self latching mechanism to secure a food hatch in the closed position on a cell door whilst featuring a lever mechanism that can be unlocked with a Chubb 4L type key.


The 4L80 is an open rimmed latch lock that is designed to be mounted within the door of a custodial cell door food hatch. The latch bolt is not deadlocked and therefore the food hatch door can be closed without the need for the key. A 4L type key is then used to withdraw the latch bolt to enable opening of the food hatch door. The 4L80 can be keyed alike with the 4L lock variant on the same door if required.

Principal of Operation

Unlocking of the Latch Bolt & Opening The Food Hatch Door
1. Insert the key into the keyhole and rotate x degrees clockwise to withdraw the latch bolt.
2. Hold the key and latch bolt in position and pull on the key to open the food hatch door.
3. Rotate the key anticlockwise and withdraw.

Locking of the Food Hatch Door
1. Simply push the door to the closed position, the latch will withdraw and then re-extend to the closed position.
Note: the latch is not deadlocked.


Standard Features

  • 3 Lever latch withdrawal mechanism
  • 12 mm throw latch bolt.
  • Factory restricted key section.
  • Open case design


Product Codes

  • 4L80/001/01/S - Cell Door Food Hatch Lock

Additional Items - Keys

  • 4L55/060/01/MK - Cell Lock Key (Master)
  • 4L55/060/01/SK - Cell Lock Key (Servant)
  • 4L55/060/01/W - Cell Lock Key (Stock Code W919)

Dimensions & Weights

  • Case Height - 87.5 mm
  • Case Length - 80 mm
  • Case Thickness - 20.5 mm
  • Latch bolt throw - 12 mm
  • Latch bolt depth - 20.4 mm

All dimensions are approximate - customer drawing available upon request.


Materials and Finishes

  • Lock case - carbon steel electro-plated
  • Latch bolt - brass
  • Levers - brass
  • Keys - Hardened Steel


Performance/Testing Criteria

  • Latch bolt closure 60,000 operations
  • Key unlock 60,000 operations