3R63 - Electromechanical Mortice Pass Lock



To provide secure locking of swinging passage / control doors using third party security management systems (SMS) or conventional key control. Designed to enable key and electric operation from both sides of the door. This lock is specifically designed for very high use applications; typically securing
perimeter doors and main access routes.


The 3R63 is a mortice lock of robust construction based on the Chubb Locks Custodial Services large mortice footprint. It has a substantial bolt designed to be withdrawn by means of a large 'T' handle or lever handle, on either side of the lock, whether opening or closing the door. The face of the bolt is angled so that it will slam shut in an emergency, but excessive slamming is not recommended and
may lead to premature wear and failure. Locking is achieved by means of a completely separate (and interchangeable) inner locking unit, operable from either side, the vertically sliding bolt of which, engages in a recess in the main bolt: alternatively, a plunger controlled by the solenoid unit, operates in a similar manner at the rear end of the bolt.


Principal of Operation

  • Electrical Mode - Locking/unlocking by 24 Volt DC controlled sequence from an external source (SMS). Bolt withdrawal by handle, which should also be used when engaging the bolt to secure the door.
  • Manual Mode - Locking/unlocking achieved using conventional (mechanical key). Bolt withdrawal by handle, which should also be used when engaging the bolt to secure the door.
  • Manual Override - In the event of power or communication failure an override key is used to disable the electric locking function.

Standard Features

  • Solid Case Technology; Lock case machined from single piece carbon steel block.
  • 25mm throw solid steel main bolt fitted with anti-saw Tungsten Carbide rollers
  • Dual solenoid electric locking latch.
  • Independent 8-lever locking mechanism.
  • Lock provides status monitoring of critical functions and tamper.
  • Integral baffle arrangements to resist manipulation and interference via the keyhole.
  • Dedicated key profile operates 3A63/3A73/3R63 group of locks only.


  • Mechanical locking mechanism tested to a minimum of 300,000 operations.
  • Solenoid locking unit tested to a minimum of 1,000,000 cycles.
  • Saw attack on the main bolt 12 hours.
  • Solenoid arrangement designed to operate at +/-10% of 24V DC regulated supply.
  • Nominal operating current 500mA.
  • End load 13.5 kN
  • Side Load 25 kN

Additional Items

  • Range of handle / knob options
  • Gate Box
  • Lock Interface Unit to facilitate operation by commercial access control systems
  • Door cable
  • Reinforcing plates for use on wooden doors

Dimensions & Weights

Case Height207mm
Case Length229mm
Case Thickness29mm
Bolt Throw25mm
Bolt Depth45mm
Bolt Thickness22mm
Weight (lock only)10.5kg


Please request customer drawing for detailed information.


  • Lock case - carbon steel electro-plated.
  • Main bolt - carbon steel electro-plated.
  • Main bolt follower - high tensile brass.
  • Keys - hardened steel
  • Levers and springs - brass / phosphor bronze.