HS180 - Specialised Function Lock


The HS180 lock incorporates several functions within the one lock case. The lock can be operated from inside with either a push bar, paddle handle or lever handle with key override from outside. In addition to this you have the facility to either lock the bolts in their retracted position or, should you wish to do so, deadlock the bolts in their thrown position. The lock also features an override function from inside however please note when the double deadlock facility is engaged the override function is disabled. When either the double deadlocking or the hold-back features are engaged it is not possible for the solenoid unlocking device to override any of these functions.

The user should be aware that this product does not conform to the mandatory standards BS EN 179 and 1125. We would strongly recommend that you consult with your local fire officer before installing this type of locking device.



  • Available as a single, 2, 3, 4, 5 point locking
  • 25mm bolt engagement, bolts automatically thrown when door closes
  • Anti-thrust device to prevent any of the bolts from being forced back allowing unauthorised access
  • Key controlled bolt holdback and deadlock facility
  • External key entry facility
  • High security cylinder guard
  • Suitable for timber and steel doors
  • Low current consumption (access control version only)
  • Aesthetic Rod Covers


  • Bolt Position Monitoring
  • Lock Position Monitoring
  • Key Position Monitoring
  • Access Control Function: 12v DC, 24v DC
  • Choice of lever handle, paddle handle or push bar internal operator
  • Tall door kits available
  • Service and Support on Installation and Maintenance



  • CE Marked
  • British Government Tested
  • Fire tested to BS EN 1634-1
  • Independently cycle tested to in excess of 1,000,000 cycles