HS210 & HS220 - Emergency/Panic Escape Locks


The HS210 is designed to provide a mortice mounted lock for emergency/panic exit doors that gives resistance to a greater physical attack threat to the outside of a door. It can provide automatic deadlocking with automatic bolting. You can choose either an internal lever handle, paddle handle or push bar to suit your operating requirements and to comply with the mandatory physical standards BS EN 179 and BS EN 1125. European standards allow the HS210 to be fitted to fire doors.


The HS220 lock has the same specification as the HS210 but incorporates a special feature to hold the bolts in their retracted position under the control of a key cylinder. This function is activated by simply turning the key towards the door edge when the bolts have been withdrawn and this will keep the bolts
retracted until you reinsert the key and turn it in the opposite rotation.


Current standards do not allow the HS220 to be fitted to fire doors.



  • Available as a single, 2, 3, 4, 5 point locking
  • 25mm bolt engagement, bolts automatically thrown when door closes
  • Anti-thrust device to prevent any of the bolts from being forced back allowing unauthorised access
  • Key controlled hold back facility operated externally or internally as applicable (HS220 only)
  • Suitable for timber and steel doors
  • Stainless steel forend and bolt guide plates
  • Low current consumption (access control version only)


  • Bolt Position Monitoring
  • Lock Position Monitoring
  • Key Position Monitoring
  • Access Control Function: 12v DC, 24v DC
  • Tall door kits available
  • External key entry overrides automatic deadlocking
  • High security cylinder guards
  • Service and Support on Installation and Maintenance





  • BS EN 179: 2008 Emergency Exit Devices (lever and paddle handle versions)
  • BS EN 1125: 2008 Panic Exit Devices (push bar version)
  • CE Marked
  • British Government Tested
  • Fire tested to BS EN 1634-1
  • Independently cycle tested to in excess of 1,000,000 cycles