9D026B - Steel Service Duct Door


A Chubb Locks Custodial Services Ltd steel CERTIFIRE approved door & frame service duct door with 60 mins fire resistance integrity typically located in-between cells. The door incorporates a Chubb 3G114 5 lever mortice deadlock, 3no. butt hinges and recessed pull handle outside. Conforms to the Police Buildings Custody Design Guide and National Police Estates Group Best Practice Document.


Specifications, Performance Data & Tolerances

  • Conforms to the Police Buildings Custody Design Guide
  • Conforms to the National Police Estates Group Best Practice Document
  • CERTIFIRE Approved Fire Resistance 60 mins Integrity to BS EN 1634-1:2000 and BS 476 part 22
  • Typical Insulation Value 3.2W/m2k
  • Hinges Tested to BS EN 1935: 2002 Grade 13 200,000 Cycles 120kg Door Leaf

Door Frame

  • 1.5mm thick Pressed Steel Profile Frame 100x65x50mm 15mm Rebate Hot Dip Zinc Coated to BS EN 10346:2009
  • 3 or 4 Sided Frame
  • Knock-Down or Fully Welded Frame Joints
  • Steel Fabrication to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000
  • Welding to BS EN 1011-2: 2001
  • Frame Fixings 7.5mm dia x 72mm CSK T30 Concrete Screws 8no. minimum per frame

Door Leaf

  • 1.2mm thick Cold Rolled Steel Door Skins Both Sides & All Edges Hot Dip Zinc Coated to BS EN 10346:2009
  • Pre-Expanded Small Cell Honeycomb Core
  • Heat Pressure Bonded 80C @ 500lbs/in2 for 7mins
  • Adhesive Apollo A9267 PU
  • 102mm x 76mm Stainless Steel Grade 304 High Performance Ball Bearing Butt Hinges 3no. per Leaf
  • Chubb 3G114 5 Lever Mortice Lock Operable Outside Only

Standard Dimensions

  • Structural Opening 600mm Wide x 1800mm High
  • Overall Door Frame 590mm Wide x 1790mm High (4 Sided Frame) 1793mm (3 Sided Frame)
  • Door Leaf 484mm Wide x 1684mm High 4 Sided Frame, 1730mm 3 Sided Frame x 44mm Thick
  • Frame Clearance 5mm Jambs, 5mm Head & Bottom 4 Sided Frame ,7mm 3 Sided Frame
  • Door Leaf Clearance 3mm Leading Edge, 3mm hinge, 3mm head & Bottom 4 Sided Frame, 10mm undercut 3 Sided Frame


  • Powder Coat Epoxy Primer to BS EN 12206-1:2004