PSB100 - Personal Storage Box



To provide a secure location for storing medicines within a custodial cell.


The PSB100 is a fabricated, powder coated steel storage box that is fitted with a pin tumbler cylinder mechanism to provide a means of locking the hinged door. The cylinder can be keyed alike with a privacy cylinder fitted to a CLCS 4L65P cell door lock if required.

Product Details

The storage box body is a seamlessly welded one piece construction manufactured from 4mm thick high grade CS4 mild steel sheet.

The internal door rebate (locking bar) is manufactured from 3mm angle iron that is welded into position to resist an attempt to force the door inwards.

The door is constructed from 3mm thick high grade CS4 mild steel sheet. The door is attached to the body with a continuous hinge welded into position.

Manufacturing tolerances limit the door to body gap to a maximum of 1mm in order resist force attacks by reducing access to the back of the door when it is closed.

Both the body and door can be finished with coloured powder coat paint to suit specified requirements.

The locking mechanism is operated by a modified Chubb 4L65P cylinder secured by an external bezel and locking collar in order to resist removal from the outside face. The cylinder operates a full height locking bar that secures the door to the angle iron fitted to the body.

The cylinder can be keyed alike with the cell door 4L65P privacy cylinder, both being operated via a key manufactured from a unique factory restricted key blank. The cylinder can also be master keyed to enable staff to operate numerous storage boxes and / or privacy cylinders with one master key.

Standard Features

  • Fabricated body manufactured from 4mm thick CS4 Mild Steel
  • Door plate manufactured from 3mm thick CS4 Mild Steel
  • Powder coated finish - standard RAL colours available
  • Secured to a cell wall via 4 off M10 x 30mm wall fixings - supplied separately
  • 4L65P Cylinder mechanism - compatible with equivalent cell door privacy locking
  • Supplied as standard with 2 keys


Dimensions and Weights

  • External Height 148mm
  • External Width 246mm
  • External Depth 150mm
  • Internal Height 140mm
  • Internal Width 238mm
  • Internal Depth 131mm
  • Weight incl Cylinder (approx). 6.0KG

Note: It is recommended that an anti pick mastic sealant is used to fill any gaps between the storage box and the wall to which it is mounted.



  • Cylinder locking mechanism tested to BS EN1303:2005 for a minimum of 60,000 operations.
  • Salt spray testing for corrosion resistance tested to EN1670:2007 for 96 hours.