ES300 - Series Electric Strike

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The ES300 series electric strikes are designed forhigh security applications and manufactured from solid stainless steel. 

These long ANSI strikes offer a strong dependable and long-lasting electric strike solution and are suitable for use with any access control system. 

These strikes are extremely flexible and can be changed from fail safe to fail secure and mounted on the left or right hand side of the door, thus reducing the amount of stock needed to cover each application.


  • Fail safe/fail secure changeable on site
  • Available in 12Vdc
  • 850kg holding force
  • 1 million cycles endurance rating
  • Stainless Steel locking pins
  • Continuously rated solenoid
  • Optional mounting kit
  • Tricare 5 Year Warranty
  • CE marked to EMC Directive


  • Timber or metal doors
  • Open in/open out doors
  • Suitable for use with all access control systems


Current175mA @ 12Vdc
SolenoidSolenoids rated for continuous use.
Holding Force850kg static strength rating
EnduranceCycle tested to 1,000,000 operations
EnvironmentOperational temperature range -20°C to +60°C
BodySolid Stainless Steel Construction
KeeperStainless Steel
LatchSuit 18mm latch bolt with 3mm door gap