75 - Electric strike


Suitable for almost any situation. Will accept a wide range of power inputs. Faceplates 730 and 731 may be used with locks with a separate mechanical deadbolt, giving increased physical security controlled by keyholders when needed.

Body and faceplate are made from high grade steel.

Tested to 1,500,000 operations.

HIGH strength - resists 700kg sidepressure on the staple.

Can be used with both left and right hand doors without adjustment.

For finishes, electrical details and compatibility see Electric Locking Information appendix.

Changing the mode is achieved by loosening a screw, sliding it to the alternate position, and re-fastening.


Continuous duty AC or DC
Fail-locked or fail-unlocked

The strike may be set to either open when the current is on and lock automatically when the current is switched off (fail locked) or be closed as long as the current is on and open automatically when the current is switched off (fail unlocked).



Ordering Options
75 MULTI STRIKE BODY (12/24V)701.500-Q31