37A - Electric strike


For use in access control where reliability is a major consideration but where very high physical strength is not required. For example: computer rooms, plant rooms, laboratories or other specially designated areas of restricted access. for use with the D450 Euro lock range.

Supplied fitted with either Short or Long faceplate.Faceplate and pivoting staple are manufactured from high grade steel.

MEDIUM strength - resists 350kg sidepressure on the pivoting staple.

Can be used with both left and right hand doors without adjustment.


DC continuous duty fail-unlocked

The strike is closed as long as the current is on and opens automatically when the current is switched off.

Manual override.



Ordering Options
37/LONG EURO 12V F/U 37-50435E91 31
37/SHORT EURO 12V F/U 37-09635E91 31