8131E - Electric strike


For use on external door entry systems where high security and resistance to vandalism is paramount, such as high rise residential accommodation, multiple occupancy office buildings, elderly persons units and banks/building societies.


Supplied fitted with either faceplate 13, 16, 24 or 823, secured with anti-vandal screws.

Body, faceplate and pivoting staple are manufactured from high grade steel.

Tested to 1,000,000 operations.

VERY HIGH strength - resists 1,500 kg sidepressure on the pivoting staple.

Can be used with both left and right hand doors without adjustment.


DC continuous duty fail-locked with two built-in microswitches

The strike opens when the current is on and locks automatically when the current is switched off.

One microswitch monitors the latchbolt engagement, and the other monitors the deadlocking of the pivoting staple, thus giving 100% assurance that the door is properly secured.

Will open even when a sidepressure up to 25kg is applied.