881 - 881 sash lock


Particularly suitable for use in high-traffic areas where both reliability and security are major considerations. The locks with hookbolts provide increased night-time security while the split follower locks also feature single-action exit.

Supplied with high security striking plate, cable, Classic split spindles and manual.Recommended specification includes manual override using cylinders, or emergency accessories. Note that a door loop is required.

Bolt reversible without opening lockcase. Split follower locks can be controlled electronically or mechanically from either side.

For finishes, electrical details and accessories see Electric Locking Information appendix.


Latchbolt operated by lever handles once a correct opening signal has been received. Key or thumbturn will also operate latch. Latch is automatically deadlocked when the door is closed. Hardened steel hookbolt thrown 23.5mm by 90 turn of key or thumbturn.

Both handles are electrically controlled exit from interior is only possible electronically or by using the key/thumbturn override.

Available with either 50mm or 70mm backset. Latchbolt is reversible.

Supplied fail locked and electronic operation both sides may be converted on site to fail unlocked.

Microswitches monitor deadlocking of latchbolt and position of deadbolt.


Electrically released handle retracts latchbolt.

Key operates deadbolt and latchbolt.

Electrically released handle retracts latchbolt.

Key or thumbturn operates deadbolt and latchbolt.



Low voltage directive
LVD 73/23/EEC (Protection)


[PROD4]1487-2 striking plate
High security striking plate supplied as standard.
Dimensions 200 x 40 mm.
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