RiteKey - Keypad


The Adams Rite RiteKey key pad is a complete system for access control and unlocking of doors without cards or keys.

The RiteKey is a 'stand alone' system which can be entirely programmed from numerical characters on the keypad.



  • Flexible operation - Easy to programme with 2 colour visual display. Individual adjustable user code time delay, exit button and 'back to standby' mode from 1 to 99 seconds
  • Quick and easy - Fitted by use of wall mounted bracket with just one hidden anti tamper screw required at base of keypad
  • Security in mind - key numbers engraved and marked in black on the keypad face give no sign of usage. Keys are free to rotate without causing and damage to switch contact
  • Made to last - Contact material is solid silver conductive ink with metal domes.1mm neoprene gasket between actuating keys and the membrane switch hence less wear and tear at the switching material as opposed to rubber actuators. Keys made from stainless steel grade 403 with key life of 3 million cycles. Keypad body made from solid silver anodized aluminium
  • Vandal resistant
  • IP rated version 



7100 Series Electric Strikes ~ Armlock® 261 & 281 Direct-Pull Magnets ~ MS Maglock ~ Armlock® 1354 Mini Electro-Shearmagnet ~1391 Electric Solenoid Bolt ~ Push-to-Exit Button ~ Power Supply Unit


Dimensions:130mm x 57mm x 31.25mm
Operating Voltage:12 to 18v, AC or DC.
Current Consumption:Standby mode approximately 15mA.
Maximum Operation:130mA (not including door strike).
Door Relay:2A at the operating voltage
Service Temperature:-20ºC to +70ºC.
Keypad Body:Solid silver anodized aluminium.
Key Material:Stainless steel grade 403. Key numbers engraved and marked in black.
Key Life:3 million cycles
Contact Material:Solid silver conductive ink with metal domes. 1mm neoprene gasket between actuating keys and the membrane switch resulting in less wear at the switching material
Weather Resistant Rating:Complete keypad rated IP65 when fully potted and all connections hardwired. Front face only rated IP65 when unpotted.