Faceplate 625 - Faceplate 625


For use where the electronic access control system must work together with a high security deadbolt rather than the traditional latchbolt. The rapid operation of an electric strike, as compared to a motor lock, is recommended for high-traffic areas such as corridor doors and main entrances. These strikes are also recommended for rooms containing cash or valuables and areas where staff may be subject to attack.


All STEAB Deadbolt Strikes are supplied fitted with either faceplate 625 or 635, and with 5 m cable.

The strike is manufactured from stainless steel.

EXTREMELY HIGH strength - resists 1,850kg sidepressure on the pivoting staple.

Can be used with both left and right hand doors without adjustment.


Faceplate 625 is suitable for wooden frames.

Used with either of the two electric strike bodies listed above.