811S/35mm - 811S/35mm narrow profile hookbolt lock


For use on premises where a high level of physical security is required, operated from a remote location. Connect is particularly suitable for automatic night-time locking and unattended entrance doors.

Supplied with DAC430 control unit, 6m connecting cable, and high security striking plates with built-in magnet. Recommended specification includes manual override using cylinders, or emergency accessories.

For finishes, electrical details, compatibility and accessories see Electric Locking Information appendix.


Hardened steel swing-type hookbolt thrown 23.5mm by motor or by 90° turn of key or thumbturn.

Available with 35mm backset only.

Secure serial encrypted communication between the control unit and the lock.

Incorporates a built-in magnetic door contact which corresponds to a magnet in the high security striking plate.

Exterior [PROD3] Interior

Motor operated deadbolt. Deadbolt may also be operated by key.

Motor operated deadbolt. Deadbolt may also be operated by key, or emergency accessories.




[PROD4] 1487-8 striking plate
High security monitored striking plate supplied as standard.
Dimensions 245 x 25 mm.