Powershield Fuego Light - Fuego Light


A range of doors and fixed screens of fully welded construction, spigot joints can be used for multiple screens or combination frames.
Complete with fittings and accessories for flush fitting single and double fire doors and screens. Thermally insulated 65 mm deep profile system suitable for fire integrity and insulation applications.

65 mm thermally insulated, fully drained dry/ pressure glazed curtain walling system suitable for non-fire rated applications.



Suitable for single and double leaf doors, inward or outward opening. Fire integrity and insulation ranges from EI30, EI60 or EI90, depending on relevant test data. All test data complies with BS 476 or BS EN 1634. All fire doors must be self closing to comply with current fire regulations.

Fixed screens:

Can be used for fire integrity and insulation from EI30 to EI120 in a variety of solutions for fixed screen applications.




- Steel:
Profiles are supplied pre-galvanized (GV-GC yellow chromated) finish.

- Stainless Steel:
Profiles are available in mill finish Stainless steel to 304 standard. Profiles can have a polished finish to various requirements. Stainless steel has been fire assessed for EI30 or EI60 applications only.


- Fire integrity and insulation:
• Single or double glazed units can be accommodated for fire integrity & insulation requirements.
• Glazing thickness: 12-44 mm for single and double glazed units.
• Examples of fire integrity/insulation glass used in Forster fire tests are 15 mm Pilkington Pyrostop for EI30, 25 mm thick Vetrotech Swissflam for EI60 or 44 mm Glaverbel Pyrobel for EI90. EI120 has been tested with Pyrostop 120-10 56 mm within the triple boxed 110 mm Fuego profiles.
Double glazed units are available for external uses or for when a level of sound reduction is required.Other combinations are also available incorporating low `E` glasses and tints. Only glasses that have been fully tested for fire integrity and insulation may be used. Consult manufacturer for exact details


- Fire integrity/insulation:
Panels can be constructed to achieve integrity and insulation up to EI120 with wall thickness of 2 mm steel and with a rockwool infill. Consult manufacturer for exact details.


 Profiles which are used for internal doors and partitions with demanding of fire rating classes: EI 30, EI 60, EI 90, EI 120.

  • EI 90 fire resistance class - single and double leaf doors, and partitions
  • Stainless steel performance
  • Anti-burglary class: RC2 (EI 30), acc. to ENV 1627
  • Arc-shaped doors and/or partitions
  • Acoustic, smokeproof doors and partitions
  • Option of wide and narrow profiles for different fire resistance class
  • Fixed partitions EI 30 and EI 60 with structural glazing (no mullions and/or transoms)